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I moved to Los Angeles from Siberia, Russia in 2010 with the goal of exploring the world, and I felt in my bones when I arrived here that I found a city where I could marry my artistic talents with a successful career. Starting as an art PA and graphic designer on student movies, I expanded my skills to storyboarding, concept art, scenic painting, construction, set dressing, set decorating, props mastering, art direction and production design.

I love the variety of the projects I design. On one project I may have to visualize the glamorous atmosphere of bohemian party, while my next project might carry me away into a magical forest with elves and fairies or an underground bunker with Apocalypse survivors.
The idea of creating worlds that did not exist before excites me, it gives me freedom of expression, while experiencing emotional responses from the audience in return. I like working in collaboration with other crew members, a family of creatives in a supporting environment. Sometimes work can be stressful, so as my stress relief I play drums and do improv theater. My other big love is animals, and one day I hope to go volunteer in the national parks of Africa.